Center for Cognitive
Modeling MIPT
The Center for Cognitive Modeling at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) includes a laboratory for cognitive dynamic systems (headed by A.I. Panov) and a laboratory for intelligent transport of the NKB VS (headed by D.A. Yudin).

The main task of the center is to create universal architectures for managing the behavior of cognitive agents. Agents can operate both in a virtual environment (simulators and gaming environments) and in the real world (robotic systems), where they need to demonstrate intelligent behavior: plan behavior, acquire and use knowledge, interact with other participants in joint activities, recognize and categorize environmental objects , set and change your own goals, etc.

The main result of the Center's work is both the creation of theoretical foundations for the construction and operation of such control systems, and the creation of software systems for solving applied problems.
Center for Cognitive Modeling
Our Labs
Cognitive Dynamic Systems Lab
Intelligent Transport Lab
Gennady Semenovich Osipov
founder of the Center for Cognitive Modeling, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
(October 13, 1948 - July 7, 2020), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, President of the Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence (RAII), EurAI Fellow

Research interests:
  • Informatics, information technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Dynamic intelligent systems
  • Knowledge management
  • Information systems in medicine
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We are always glad to see motivated students and PhD's in our Center!
Apply for the internship at one of the laboratories:
We regularly announce a set of applicants without restrictions on whether you are a student or have already completed your studies. The main requirement is to complete the test task and be ready to work in the laboratory 20 hours a week. We are currently recruiting for the spring internship, apply for participation!
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One of the options to join the projects of our Center is the opportunity to enroll in special targeted places provided by sponsors for master's and postgraduate studies at MIPT. To do this, you need to fill out a form, pass an interview and exams according to the rules of the MIPT admission committee. This will allow you to combine study with work at our Center
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current SOTA methods and algorithms in the areas of Reinforcement Learning (RL), Computer Vision (CV), Behavior Planning and Management (Plan), General Artificial Intelligence (AGI)

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