Intelligent Transport Lab
Center for Cognitive Modeling MIPT
About Lab
The Intelligent Transport Laboratory was created in 2019 at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) on the initiative of the Scientific and Design Bureau of Computer Systems (NKB VS). Together with the Laboratory of Cognitive Dynamic Systems, it is part of the Center for Cognitive Modeling MIPT.

The laboratory specializes in the design and creation of embedded integrated electronic control systems for various types of transport (including unmanned vehicles) and intelligent image processing and synthesis systems using deep machine learning methods, Big Data technologies, virtual and augmented reality, autonomous navigation and mapping (SLAM) methods. ) and etc.
Dmitry Yudin
Head of the Intelligent Transport Lab MIPT - NKB VS
candidate of technical sciences,
Associate Professor, Department of System Research, MIPT,
Senior Researcher, Laboratory of Cognitive Dynamical Systems

Research interests:
Technical vision
Artificial Intelligence
Deep learning

Main research topics
associated with the development of mathematical and software for intelligent transport systems:
  • Onboard multispectral vision systems;
  • Navigation systems;
  • Autonomous traffic control systems;
  • Geographic Information Systems;
  • Human-machine control interfaces;
  • Virtual computer simulation
  • External environment for practicing, training and
  • Verification of control algorithms;
  • Integrated on-board information and control systems.
Applied tools
Software development is carried out using Python and C++ programming languages, NVidia Cuda and TensorRT libraries, ROS robots operating system, Docker.
Many projects are related to integration into embedded systems, in particular with the use of NVidia Jetson Xavier, TX2 and Nano.
Tensorflow 2.0 and PyTorch are used as basic software platforms for researching deep learning algorithms.
Research and development directions

  • Dmitry Yudin
    Head of the laboratory, Ph.D.
    Project management
  • Ilya Belkin
    Junior Research Fellow, Master's student at MIPT
    Visual and lidar SLAM, embedded systems, integration of algorithms for unmanned vehicles and mobile robots
  • Yaroslav Solomentsev
    Junior researcher, postgraduate student at MIPT
    Visual SLAM and global localization
  • Yushaa Murhij
    Junior researcher, postgraduate student at MIPT
    Object detection and tracking in 3D point clouds, embedded systems
  • Andrey Krishtopik
    Research Engineer, Master's student at MIPT
    Construction of a passability map, integration of algorithms for a mobile robot
  • Vasily Adyoshkin
    Research Engineer, Master's student at MIPT
    Instance segmentation of dynamic objects and prediction of their motion trajectories
  • Linar Abdrazakov
    Programmer, student of MIPT
    Neural network traing, Odometry data integration, integration of algorithms for a mobile robot
  • Ilya Basharov
    Research Engineer, Master's student at MIPT
    Instance segmenation and object tracking
  • Sergey Linok
    Programmer, student of the Moscow State Technical University. N.E. Bauman
    Localization in dynamic systems, embedded systems
  • Di Un Pak
    Research Engineer, HSE student
    HD-maps generation, Semantic segmentation of lidar data
  • Vitaly Bezuglyj
    Research Engineer, MEPhI student
    Multiseason localization, 3D semantic mapping
  • Alexandr Golodkov
    Programmer, MIPT student
    Object detection and classification in 3D point clouds
  • Alexander Melekhin
    Place recognition, Neural network training
  • Alexander Khorin
    Programmer, MIPT student
    Image semantic segmentation
  • Ilya Petryashin
    Object detection on images
  • Margarita Kichik
    Intern, MIPT student
    Object detection, image labeling
  • Denis Mamatin
    Multicamera localization
  • Svetlana Ladanova
    Fusion of navigation data
  • Darya Ovchinnikova
    Intern, MIPT student
    Image semantic segmentation, Multitask learning
  • Roman Filonov
    Intern, MIPT student
    Place recognition
  • Dmitry Larichev
    Intern, MIPT student
    Multimodal multitask neural networks
141701, Moscow region,
Dolgoprudny, Institutskiy per., 9.