Answers to questions about images
One of the key challenges in artificial intelligence is the symbol grounding problem and the creation of "embodied" architectures for intelligent agent control.

In this direction, we pay the most attention to solving the VQA problem - answering questions about the image, with which we can demonstrate the capabilities of our iconic architecture. The very task of VQA is also very important in practice, allowing you to simulate the processes of understanding images.
Выступление на конференции AGI-2020
Доклад А.К. Ковалева на тему "Hyperdimensional Representations in Semiotic Approach to AGI"
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Required skills for trainees
  • Python proficiency
  • Technical English
  • Experience of work with images and text
Research projects topics
  • Neurosymbolic Computing
  • Answers to a specific class of questions about a set of images
  • Answers to video questions
  • Spatial reasoning from camera data